The Layout Toolkit

Objektsammlung zur vollumfänglichen Plandokumentation / Objects for an ambitious plan documentation.

Project desciption

Consequent plan documentation is a not proper solved problem in ArchiCAD. This toolkit starts to do this job in a fully fullfilling way. The objects are for an exact and maximum flexible plan layout. On the other hand the objects export export the settings for a project wide plan and documentation list.

Beside the ArchiCAD internal GDL-based objects there will be an external application with online option too.


List of objects finished or in work:

  TheLayout.GSM  DE EN

Main object of The Layout Toolkit.

  DrawingFrame.GSM  DE EN

Object for paper frames and drawing border. / Zeichnungsrandobjekt.

  Indexmarker.GSM  DE EN

Object to mark parts of the drafing.

  North direction.GSM  DE EN

North direction object for layouts.

  PlanIdentifier.GSM  DE EN

Print of plan identification number and name of plan content.

  Revisioning.GSM  DE EN

Revisioning tool for plans and layouts.


Macros waiting for the start

  • ProjectInformation.GSM - Object to bring project title and basic informations to layout.
  • XML-Project-Info / plan list export makro 
  • Contractor and architect macro
  • scale bar makro 
  • legende macro
  • project overview macro (logo) 
  • common contractor logo macro 

Ideas / Ideen

Why separated objects?

There will be 300+ parameters to reach the highly flexible goal ob this toolkit. This needs structured programming. And it has to have reachable milesones. Finally all separate objects will be implemented into the "TheLayout"-object, which works similar to the complex ArchiCAD windows and doors by calling the macro objects out of the main object.

To keep overview for the user there will be at least three modes to use the objects: Drafter, project leader and administrator. The last one only will be able to do basic changes. If there is noone in the office, who can do this complex basic settings, you will be able to get this costum shaped for your office.

Zusätzliche, noch nicht projektierte Objekte / Additional  not projected objects

  • ScaleBar.GSM - Object to visualize the scale.
  • Legende.GSM - Plan information text. Used symbols, fills and hatches, shortcuts.


ArchiCAD; Windows, MacOs, iOs, Android

Dokumente / Documents

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