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Information on GDL programming you will find in the theory section, or a link to it at ("GDL for beginners" and "Documentation").


Intention of the site

Now that Graphisoft offers a platform for uploading free objects the necessity for a duplicate here is removed. But the necessity for development of GDL objects is far from gone, and this work is done mostly on top of already heavy daily work loads in most architectural offices.

You need a lot of organization to keep all those cute ideas for helpful GDL tools on track, and you need a way that development can be set aside and resumed when other competing daily demands on your time permit. can help you with this! offers authors the ability to collect their ideas, and maintain "to do" and bugtracking lists on dedicated project pages set up for you within this site. (Similar to the way works for stand alone programs). These project pages can be private to the author or offer various levels of public access.  Upload or embedding of documentation files is possible too.

Setting up a public project page can awake the interest of potential customers who might find you through this site. Clients can also be updated with your progress and any future development plans for your objects.

Please note, this site is NOT intended as merely an advertising page for your objects so far. But you are free to link to your own or other sites, where user can buy your objects.

Beside the object pages there is also a small collection of mathematical resources and a few GDL algorithms dealing with frequently occurring problems.

Common terms of use - USERS is a platform for hosting and publishing GDL projects to potential users. It is open especially for free authors.  is not involved into the developing of the objects itself. Support and question have to be directed to the authors directly. is not able to give away mail or other adresses of the
authors, if they do not leave a contact in their object project sites. Some pages contain a testimonial model, which can be used to get in contact with the author. You have to be a registred and certified user to get access to avoid spam for the receipient. assumes no liability for damage, destruction or data loss directly or indirectly out of the usage of this service, which is provided on all included or linked internet pages or their content. Espicially not for the usage of all active contentent, which is offered for download and usage with other software as GDL objects. This refers to the content itself as for the availability of thenpages itself. Opposite to the users and the authors.

All registred users (customers and authors) have to handle their access data strictly confidental. They may not be given to third part people. They are fully liable for all usage of the web content system, done with their account. Passwords are to choose, alter and hide in that way, that they can not be hacked by a normally expectant effort. Groups of authors have to get a separate account for each physical existing person, which needs to get access to the pages. Account names and adresses have to be the correct ones out of real live. Nicknames are not allowed. The registeration names are not visible for other people as long as the do not post testimonials or order their own public project pages.

Only registred and certified users may write testimonials or comments to listed objects. Spam and advertising is forbidden. The netiquette has to be attended. will exclude all user, which appear to use this platfom not in its intended way.

Some comercial objects are offered in an appended webshop. Support and guarantee is in the authors area of responsibility and not of For this all customers will be given an international available contect to the author together with the objects data.

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