A given ring segment of a circle segment has to be drawn by a polygon with rounded edges. Bases on this ArchiTalk-Thread: Complex poly math question.

Known distances:
r1: Inner Radius of the segment
alpha: width of the ring in degrees
d: Distance of inner and outer arc
f: Radius of the rounding circles


There is a inner dependece between the tnagential connection points, the radius f and the segment itself. See:


!»» environment calculations

r2 = r1 + d
L1 = sqr(r1) * sqr(2*f+r1) - R1
L2 = r2 - sqr(r2^2-2*f*r2)
u = atn(f/(r2-L2))
w = atn(f/(r1+L1))

!»» coordinate calculation

x1=r1+L1 : y1=0
x2=f/tan(u) : y2=0
x3=r2*cos(u) : y3=f*r2/(r2-f)
x4=r2*cos(alpha-u) : y4=r2*sin(alpha-u)
x5=(r2-L2)*cos(alpha) : y5=(r2-L2)*sin(alpha)
x6=(r1+L1)*cos(alpha) : y6=(r1+L1)*sin(alpha)
x7=r1*cos(alpha-w) : y7=r1*sin(alpha-w)
x8=r1*cos(w) : y8=f*r1/(r1+f)

!»» output in 2D

poly2_ 9,7,
 x1, y1, 1,
 x2, y2, 1,
 x3, y3, 1001,
 x4, y4, 1001,
 x5, y5, 1001,
 x6, y6, 1,
 x7, y7, 1001,
 x8, y8, 1001,
 x1, y1, 1001

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