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Actual version:



ArchiCAD 15 Windows (development/test)


Jochen Sühlo, (Frank Beister)

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Object, which creates XML code of bitmaps in a folder, which can be integrated into the XML translated script of an object. Retranslation of the object into GSM by the XML converter integrates the bitmap into the object.

News + History

bug fixing - Thursday, June 21, 2012
Fixed wrong extension handling.


To do + wishlist


  • Integrate all parameters into UI
  • Request and export bitmap dimensions

Wünsche / Wishes:

  • Directly XML export into objects XML-code
  • ... substitute existing bitmaps
  • ... intelligent ID handling by reading, which bitmap indices do exist
  • ... write GDL-code directly into UI script

Known Bugs:

  • ...
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